Puppy Recipe Chicken, Potatoes & Carrots Wet Food

150 g

Product Description

Lily's Kitchen Puppy Recipe Chicken, Potatoes & Carrots Wet Food has been specially formulated for puppies aged 8-14 months (depending on breed). The recipe has been created with the advice of vets and nutritionists to ensure maximum nutritional benefit - to provide your puppy with a strong start in life. Packed with fresh chicken, the food is also bursting with wholesome herbs and vegetables. The food is free from meat meals and cheap fillers, containing only delicious natural ingredients. The recipe is grain-free and has a single-protein source, ideal for sensitive tums.

Key Benefits

  • Delicious grain-free recipe for puppies aged 8-14 months (depending on breed).
  • Composed with wholesome ingredients (including freshly prepared chicken, vegetables, and nutritious herbs).
  • Single-protein source (chicken).
  • No cheap fillers or meat meal.

Feeding Advice

See instructions on product packaging. Adjust the amount according to the animal's individual nutritional needs. Factors including breed, age and activity level should be taken into account.


Chicken 67%
Potatoes 2%
Carrots 1%
Vitamins and minerals  
Salmon oil (source of Omega-3 and 6)
Herbs and botanicals:  
Golden rod  
Marigold petals  
Milk thistle  
Dandelion root  
Burdock root  
Celery seeds  


Nutritional Content

Nutritional Content
Calories 92 kcal/100 g
Crude Protein 10.6%
Crude Fibre 0.5%
Crude Fat 5.1%
Crude Ash 2%
Moisture 80%
Vitamin D3 200 IU/kg
Vitamin E  20 mg/kg
Zinc Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate  25 mg/kg
Copper (II) Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate 1.5 mg/kg
Manganese Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate
1.4 mg/kg
Calcium Iodate  0.75 mg/kg
Locust Bean Gum
1 g/kg


Feeding Guide

Weight Daily Amount
3 - 5 kg 347 g - 509 g
5 - 10 kg 509 g - 855 g
10 - 20 kg 855 g - 1439 g
20 - 30 kg 1439 g - 1951 g
30 - 40 kg  1951 g - 2421 g
40 - 50 kg 2421 g - 2861 g
50 - 60 kg 2861 g - 3280 g

*Please note, this is a rough guide for puppies with an average activity level. Adjust the amount based on your puppy's age, weight and activity. The amount will vary depending on the recipe.