Fit & Trim Dry Dog Food - 2 kg

Fit & Trim Dry Dog Food

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ORIJEN Fit & Trim Dry Dog Food has been tailor-made for sterilized and overweight dogs who need both a strong protein content to promote muscle building, and a reduced amount of calories to achieve a healthy and optimal weight.


ORIJEN offers award-winning food designed to reflect the nutritious, fresh and varied types of meat that dogs developed to eat in the wild. Containing 85% meat (where 2/3 of the meat is fresh or raw to create an irresistible taste for your dog), it is composed of several different animal protein sources. This means your dog automatically gets a strong base of natural nutrients so there is no need for synthetic vitamins, minerals or amino acids.


ORIJEN Fit & Trim Dry Dog Food is created in ORIJEN's own kitchen, which is certified with Safe Food (SFSF) standard. This means you can be confident the food is handled with the greatest care, and that your dog is getting the highest quality nutrition.

  • Composed with protein from both cartilage and organs, giving your dog a complete combination of calcium, vitamins and amino acids.
  • 1/3 of the meat is from fresh poultry and fish, and is dried at 90 degrees to optimise protein concentration levels.
  • Limited carbohydrate to release sugar slowly - this reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes.

See instructions on product packaging. Adjust the amount according to the animal's individual nutritional needs. Factors including breed, age and activity level should be taken into account.

Fresh chicken 25%
Raw whole herring 6%
Raw turkey 6%
Fresh chicken giblets (liver, heart) 6%
Fresh whole hake 5%
Raw whole mackerel 5%
Fresh eggs 5%
Dehydrated chicken 4%
Dehydrated mackerel 4%
Dehydrated sardine 4%
Dehydrated herring 4%
Dehydrated turkey 4%
Dehydrated whitefish 4%
Lentil fibre  
Whole chickpeas  
Whole pinto beans  
Whole navy beans  
Whole red lentils  
Whole green lentils  
Whole peas  
Pea starch  
Raw turkey liver 1.5%
Chicken fat 1.5%
Apple fibre  
Algae (source of DHA)  
Dried kelp  
Fresh whole pumpkin  
Fresh whole butternut squash  
Fresh whole zucchini  
Fresh whole apples  
Fresh whole carrots  
Fresh whole pears  
Dried chicory root  
Fresh kale  
Fresh spinach  
Fresh beet greens  
Fresh turnip greens  
Whole cranberries  
Whole blueberries  
Whole saskatoon berries  
Milk thistle  
Burdock root  
Marshmallow root  


Nutritional Content Per 100 g
Calories 353 kcal
Crude protein 40 g
Crude fat 13 g
Crude ash 8 g
Crude fibres 8 g
Moisture 12 g
Calcium 1.4 g
Phosphorus 1.1 g
DHA 0.25 g
EPA 0.15 g
Omega-6  2.2 g
Omega-3 0.9 g
Weight Amount
5 - 10 kg 60 - 90 g
10 - 20 kg 120 - 180 g
20 - 30 kg 180 - 240 g
30 - 40 kg 270 - 300 g
40 - 50 kg 320 - 360 g
50 - 60 kg 360 - 420 g
Article number: 218720
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