Allergen Management Plus COW-HY

Allergen Management Plus COW-HY

10.55 £ per kg

A hypoallergenic wet dog food formulated to provide nutritional support for dogs and puppies with either skin issues or gastrointestinal disorders, including Crohn's Disease and Colitis. Specific Allergen Management Plus is rich in Omega-3 to support a healthy skin and coat, with Omega-6 fatty acid GLA to quicken wound healing and reduce inflammation. 

SPECIFIC Allergen Management Plus wet dog food has been formulated by experts in dog nutrition. SPECIFIC uses fish as a base for all its products, because it is a well-balanced protein that is made up of exactly the composition of amino acids that your pet needs. Fish contains unsaturated fatty acids that support not only the development of the brain and vision, but also a strong immune system.

  • Recommended by Vets
  • Rich in Omega-3 fish oil to support skin and coat, and the body's natural anti-inflammatory process
  • Hydrolysed salmon protein - the protein molecules are cut into very small peices such that they are too small to be recognised by the immune system and are therefore less likely to trigger a reaction
  • Highly digestible ingredients - gentle on your dog's digestive system
  • Multiple skin supporting nutrients - Omega-3 from fish oil; GLA from borage oil; Vitamin A, E and B complex; zinc; and selenium
  • No added artificial colours and flavourings 
  • Suitable for puppies

See feeding guide. Adjust the amount according to the animal's individual nutritional needs. Factors including breed, age and activity level should be taken into account. The amount can be divided into two or more meals a day. Serve at room temperature. Fresh water should be available at all times.

Rice protein  
Hydrolysed salmon protein  
Fish oil  
Vitamins and trace elements (including chelated trace elements)  
Sunflower oil  
Cellulose powder  
Psyllium husk  
Borage oil  
Contains no added artificial colours or flavourings  


Nutritional Content Per 100 g
Metabolisable Energy 552 kJ
Protein 8.2 g
Fat 4.5 g
Carbohydrates 16.9 g 
Fibre 1.1 g
Calcium 0.35 g
Phosphorus 0.3 g
Sodium 0.2 g
Zinc 5.4 mg
Omega-3 fatty acids 0.67 g
EPA 0.31 g
DHA 0.28 g
GLA 0.03 g
Ration n-3:n-6 1:3
Water 66.8 g
Weight Amount
2 - 4 kg 230 - 385 g
4 - 6 kg 385 - 520 g
6 - 8 kg 520 - 645 g
8 - 10 kg 645 - 765 g
10 - 12 kg 765 - 875 g
12 - 14 kg 875 - 985 g
14 - 16 kg 985 - 1090 g
16 - 18 kg 1090 - 1190 g
18 - 20 kg 1190 - 1285 g
20 - 25 kg 1285 - 1520 g


Article number: 30455382
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