Rodent Eye Care - keeping little eyes bright


Eye Care


Whether you are looking for hamster eye care, chinchilla eye care, or something to clean around your gerbil's eyes, our online shop has products from reliable brands to get your little furry’s eyes back to normal.


Rodent eyes


Rodents tend to have either bright little eyes or big bulgy eyes. Regardless of appearances all have fairly blurry eyesight and tend to rely more on hearing, smell, and their magical little whiskers. 


Common eye issues


While scampering about living their best life, your rodent may experience eye issues following dental disease, injury, or infection.  It is extremely important that your rodent’s eye preparations are safe as human or other pet products can be harmful. You should contact your veterinarian or book an appointment therefor advice before you start an eye medicine course.


Is this discharge normal or abnormal


Increased tear production happens normally after contact with dust, pollen, or grit. It lasts just a few hours until washed away. Excess tears over a longer period can indicate a more significant problem and require veterinary advice. 


Red tears


Rats may have reddish ‘tear-staining’ around the eyes and nose. The occasional trace is normal but if it’s frequent or persistent this should be investigated as it can be a response to stress, illness, or lack of sleep.




Milky white discharge from your guinea pig's eyes is normal instead of tears. This liquid is used to clean and lubricate their eyes which will be bright and not swollen.




This is swelling and redness of the tissues surrounding and/or the white part of the eye. White discharge may be present.  Yellow or green discharge or discomfort can be a sign of infected conjunctivitis which needs an examination and may also need prescription medication. Recurrent conjunctivitis or discharge should be investigated as it may be due to dental problems - in chinchillas most cases of conjunctivitis follow dental disease. Guinea pigs can develop conjunctivitis if they are vitamin C deficient.


Eye injuries


Cloudiness, a blue or white tinge to the eye surface can indicate damage to the eye or an ulcer. If they constantly clean their eye, squint, or are unable to open it there may be an injury or a fragment in the eye.  Guinea pigs are tragically unique in having a limited ability to blink plus minimal tear production so are especially prone to eye injuries. See your veterinarian as soon as possible, because minor injuries can lead to serious infection or permanent eye damage.


Eye Ulcers


Rodents can easily develop eye ulcers or problems with the front of the eye following eye injuries, and viral or bacterial infections. Eyes can be injured by grass seeds, hay strands, or enthusiastic best friends. The signs can be similar to injury and you should book a veterinary eye check as ulcers progress incredibly quickly.


Bulging eyes


A bulging eye can be caused by mishandling, dental issues, abscesses, or tumours so it is important to get your pet a veterinary appointment as soon as possible. Take special care when handling hamsters as holding the skin at the back of the neck can cause their eyes to pop out.


Rodent eye emergencies


Get familiar with your furbaby’s healthy eyes and call your veterinarian if you see the following:

  • Green, yellow or copious discharge

  • Rubbing, Squinting, or closed eye 

  • Red eyeball or inner eyelids

  • 3rd eyelid showing 

  • Excessive tearing, tear-stained fur surrounding the eye 

  • A dull, blueish, or whitish eye surface 

  • Circling, drunken behaviour, or tilting head. 


Preventing eye infections


Rodents, especially mice and rats, are particularly sensitive to respiratory and eye infections. Hence, it is important to ensure all rodents have a well-ventilated cage with no draughts and that urine-soaked bedding is removed regularly. Ensuring food and bedding are dust free is very helpful. 

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