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If you are looking for goodies to keep your rodent in rip-roaring shape, we have plenty to choose from! 


Rodent health care


Deciding on care products for your wee furries can be daunting but thankfully our online shop has a collection of really rodent-friendly products from brands you can rely on.  You can relax knowing that you are making a great investment in your rodent's health. 


What is a rodent


Rodents are little mammals who love to gnaw  - as any fur parent will know only too well! They are divided into two main groups. True rodents include rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, squirrels, beavers, and porcupines! Specialised rodents include guinea pigs, chinchillas, and degus. All of these furries have huge pairs of front teeth that NEVER stop growing.


Healthy critters


They may be small but they take up a huge portion of our hearts - keeping our rodents content and well is a priority. Each species has a different diet and social habits. Rodents are very good at hiding pain or discomfort as they are prey animals so it is important to know their unique needs as this can help you avoid and detect health issues.




A balanced, nutritious, and species-appropriate diet is the goal for content furbabies. True rodents are wonderfully unfussy and will enjoy most foods, just like humans, so it’s important to ensure they don’t just choose naughty foods over healthy stuff! Specialised rodents are strict herbivores, eating plant material only. For their gut and dental health, It is essential they mainly munch fibrous foods like grass and hay.




Can you imagine if your front teeth grew an extra 1cm each this month? Well, rodent chompers do exactly this, growing around 2-3 mm every week. High fibre and hard foods prevent overgrowth, along with safe edible gnaw toys. Overgrown teeth cause excruciating toothache, permanent damage, starvation, and injury to the eyeballs. Teeth problems are one of the top causes of illness but luckily a good diet is preventative. 


Skin and coat:


Whether you have a satin rat, an Abyssinian guinea, or a super soft chinchilla, their coat is a large part of their charm. Every coat type needs regular upkeep and grooming to prevent skin disease and wounds.




True rodents tend to have small, bright currant eyes while specialised rodents have bigger more prominent eyes  - both are equally gorgeous. All are designed to spot danger and can be prone to injury or disease so need daily checks.


Social lives of Rodents:


Most rodents can live happily in larger social groups, however, hamsters are a little pickier. Russian, dwarf, or Chinese hamsters can live in pairs or groups while Syrian hamsters need to live on their own with lots of environmental stimulation. For social rodents, a bonded pair of same-sex animals is usually enough company but you must keep an eye out for bullying.  Being in a pair means each rodent has a 24/7 companion for their physical and mental well-being. Solo rodents can become depressed and stressed. Chat with your veterinarian about how to introduce a bond partner as rodents can be territorial.




Rodents are exquisitely sensitive to stress. It can cause abnormal behaviour and physical symptoms including eye, skin, and chest infections. When setting up your rodent palace choose a location that minimises vibrations, noise, and drafts and is out of sight of larger predator pets. It is also important to ensure your rodent gets dark time for enough sleep.




Like any pet, rodents can pick up bugs and parasites even when living indoors.  You can take preventative measures to avoid and treat parasites such as flies (fly strike), ticks, fleas, and worms. 


Rodent emergencies


Rodents tend to hide their symptoms until things are advanced so contact your vet immediately if your rodent is: 

  • Off their food

  • Hunched up

  • Bloated or Constipated 

  • Grinding teeth or head pressing 

  • Wet or uncomfortable around their bottom 

  • Seizing, trembling, or circling

  • Coughing or sneezing

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