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When choosing a home for your small pet, security and comfort are key. Cages come in a wide range of materials, but not all are suitable to house small furries such as hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, or chinchillas. Cages to house these types of pets must be made from materials that they can’t chew through or escape from. If these cages include bars, these must be small enough so that your pet can’t squeeze themselves through and escape, but also the bars should be spaced so that your pet won’t get their feet or head trapped either. 



The best type of cages are those that are made from materials that are easy to clean and can be disassembled. Hamsters, rats, and guinea pigs can be quite messy creatures and require a deep clean out of their bedding, food dishes, and other furniture at least three times a week. Cages that disassemble will be much more convenient for you than glass tanks, being lightweight and giving you easy access to the corners where your pet is most likely to hoard food or toilet in. 

Size is also important. Just because your pet is small, doesn’t mean their accommodation should be too. Hamsters enjoy digging, as in the wild they would live underground in burrows, so their cage must be deep enough to allow for this. Rats are intelligent and very inquisitive so will need space to climb, run and play to stop them from getting bored. Rat cages made from metal bars with plenty of levels are ideal as the bars offer a convenient way to hang their sleeping hammocks and food dishes. Guinea pigs need space to roam around, so their cage must be large enough to let them do just that as well as provide enough space for their toileting and feeding areas. Chinchillas need ample space for their dust bath, this is very important for this species as it is by rolling in the fine sand that they manage to keep their coat in such good condition. Large cages may take up space but will keep your pet happy. 


All small pets, no matter the species, require ample bedding and other furniture to keep them occupied and comfortable. Hamster bedding should allow for digging, whereas rat bedding and guinea pig bedding are usually used by your pet solely in their sleeping areas. Playpens are great items to keep your pet occupied and other items such as wheels, hammocks, towers, and interactive toys will prevent your pet from becoming bored. These types of toys all provide an ideal opportunity to hide treats in so that your pet has to search for them instead of merely eating from a bowl, something they would naturally be doing in the wild. 


Igloos & hides

Most small pets like to keep their feeding, sleeping, and toileting areas all separate. Including ways that they can do so will prevent stress and help with the overall cleanliness of their cages. Igloos and hides allow your pet to feel secure when resting and may even be used by your pet as somewhere to keep their food, especially by your hamster. Adding a corner litter tray in your guinea pig’s or hamster’s cage allows your pet to go to the toilet in one area of their cage, making cleaning them out much easier and fuss-free. 

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