Eye Care

As a rabbit parent, you’ll be aware of their uncanny ability to see you almost wherever you are thanks to their giant peepers! Any rabbit can suffer from sticky, irritated, or red eyes so our online shop has helpful products from reliable brands to get your bunny’s eyes back to normal Order now for worry-free purchasing including free shipping for orders over £39, weekday delivery within 2-5 days, and a 30-day return policy if you are not 100% satisfied.


Bunny’s Bright eyes 

I’m sure you regularly marvel at your rabbit’s beautiful eyes and eyelashes with their built-in ‘eyeliner’ which all add to their cuteness overload. Aside from being stunning, these complex eyes are designed to spot danger from almost anywhere in the 360-degree visual field! 

Rabbit eyes are very bulbous which makes them more prone to injuries as they bulge out further than your rabbit's face. They may get poked, prodded, and scratched more easily. 

In addition, large tooth roots that sit under the eyes mean that dental overgrowth or infections can also affect the eyes.


Common eye issues 

Your bunny is likely to bounce into plenty of mischief daily, especially if they are fond of leaping around the house or garden or playing tag with your other pets. It is extremely important that your rabbit’s eye preparations are safe for rabbits as human or other pet products can be harmful. You should contact your veterinarian or book an appointment here for advice before you start an eye medicine course.



You may notice increased tear production after your rabbit has encountered dust, pollen, or grit which lasts a few hours until washed away. If you see excess tears over a longer period it can indicate a condition such as blocked or narrow tear ducts or there may be a grass seed trapped in the eye. These require advice from your veterinarian.



Our bunny-babies can experience conjunctivitis which is swelling of the tissues surrounding and sometimes the white part of the eye. White discharge may be present. Yellow or green discharge or discomfort can be a sign of infected conjunctivitis which needs an examination to look for underlying causes (see above) and may also need prescription medication. Recurrent conjunctivitis or discharge should be investigated as it may be due to dental problems.


Eye injuries: 

If your nosey bunny begins to constantly clean their eye, squints, or is unable to open the eye there may be an eye injury or a fragment in the eye. Cloudiness, a blue or white tinge to the eye surface can indicate damage to the eye or the development of an ulcer. See your veterinarian as soon as possible, because minor injuries can lead to serious infection or permanent eye damage.


Eye Ulcers: 

With the large bulbous nature of rabbit eyes, ulcers are common following an eye injury that has grazed or rubbed the eye surface, such as a scratch from grass seed, some hay, or their best friend. The signs can be similar to injury and you should book a veterinary eye check to determine the cause of their discomfort and get rapid treatment as ulcers can progress incredibly quickly.



Our little bunnies are susceptible to a particular parasite that may sometimes affect their eyes. E.cuniculi is a common bug that may cause eye issues. If you notice that your bunny has eye changes, a head tilt, or is unsteady, seek immediate veterinary treatment.


Rabbit eye emergencies 

The best way to catch eye issues early in your beloved bunny is to get to know your rabbit's eyes when they are clear and healthy. Some eye issues require emergency treatment so call your veterinarian if you see the following: 

Green, yellow or copious discharge 

Discharge over the eye surface

Squinting or closed eye 

Red eyeball or inner eyelids 

3rd eyelid showing 

Excessive tearing, tear-stained fur surrounding the eye

A dull, blueish, or whitish eye surface 

Rubbing at the eye 

Circling, drunken behaviour, or tilting head


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