Deciding on a supplement for your dog can seem like a minefield but the good news is that whatever your best friend needs, you will be able to help them by using a good quality supplement. Our online shop has a collection of the highest quality supplements from brands you can rely on, so you can relax knowing that you are making a great investment in your dog's health. Order now for stress-free purchasing including free shipping for orders over £39, weekday delivery within 1-3days, and a 30-day return policy if you are not 100% satisfied. 


What are supplements?  


Supplements contain natural ingredients that are intended to improve your dog’s quality of life by reducing the severity of the condition they are experiencing or providing the essential ingredients for maximised health. They can be added to your dog’s food or be given as a tablet or liquid in the mouth.


Supplements and prescription medications are processed by the same body systems, so you should consult your veterinarian for advice before starting any supplement. You will need to know it is suitable if your dog takes medication or has other medical conditions. Your pooch’s supplements must be specifically designed and manufactured for dogs as human products can be harmful. 


What do supplements treat? 


Do you need probiotics for a poopy pooch or joint supplements for the creaky four-legged OAP in your life? Whether you’re certain you want salmon oil for dogs or you’re just researching dog vitamins, you should contact your veterinarian or book an appointment here for advice before you start a course. See tips below to get started. 




Probiotics for dogs contain good bacteria that keep your pup’s gut happy and healthy. Most complete dog foods will contain ingredients that support good bacteria but, as pet parents know, our hounds do love to nibble on naughty things. This can lead to tummy upset and diarrhoea. A quality probiotic paste can help get things back to normal as it also contains natural ingredients that relieve the symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea.


Joint pain: 


As our pups are now living to a ripe old age they can commonly suffer from stiff joints - just like us! Your veterinarian may prescribe pain medications, diet changes, or weight loss. Joint supplements for dogs work alongside these to further decrease inflammation, reduce pain, and improve flexibility so that our dogs don’t lose their get-up and go.


Other useful dog supplements




Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids can be given to improve dry, dull skin and coats, reduce inflammation, or help with allergies. Fish oil for dogs is a great source of omegas and is combined with natural plant oils for best effect, typically in the top brand supplements. 




Most complete dog foods contain balanced vitamins so supplementation is usually only needed when a dog is recovering from an illness or surgery. Dog vitamins can also be of use for highly energetic and working dogs or picky eaters. They often come as a gel or paste so they are easy to give. 


Dog diseases:


Other conditions that may benefit include stress and anxiety, kidney disease, heart disease, and geriatric brain disease. Talk to your veterinarian about how to best support your dog if they have had a condition diagnosed. 


Choosing safe supplements:


Not all supplements are created equal! Once you have spoken to your veterinarian, it’s safest to choose a product from a well-established, veterinarian endorsed company that carries out quality control and studies to prove that their product is effective. Most dog supplements do not require a prescription so you can purchase over the counter or online. There can be a wide price range to suit all budgets but the most effective supplements are usually more costly due to the higher quality or quantity of the active ingredient and the costs involved in carrying out research and studies. 


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