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Poop bag dispensers


I’m sure you all have a bag with multiple other bags inside it at home. It’s a handy way of storing them all in one place and keeping them together. The same idea applies to your dog poop bags. Dispensers keep your clean ones together and can be easily attached to the lead, so you don’t need to worry about carrying them separately or leaving them at home. 


It may come as a surprise, but poop bag dispensers come in all different shapes and sizes so there’ll be an array to pick from when you reach our website. When choosing your ideal poop bag holder, it’s worth considering some features that you will find useful to have. Whilst they aren’t a must-have, they are definitely a worthwhile and great item to have and can help you avoid a hefty fine for not picking up your dog’s mess.


What features should I consider when choosing a dispenser?


Most dispensers will have a velcro strap or carabiner so it depends where you would like it to attach to (your dog’s lead, your bag, the loopholes in your jeans to name but a few). Don’t forget they can swing if they hang down and this can be a nuisance, so bear this in mind too!




It’s best to have a waterproof container to keep your bags dry and useable at all times, and so you’re prepared for whatever the weather (and let’s be realistic, it’s hard to keep up with how quick it changes).


Getting the bag out

It should be easy to retrieve a poop bag (just the one, as it would be
a bit annoying to pull several at once) from its holder. Ultimately, this is the point of having a dispenser, so you don’t have to faff about getting a single poop bag, which is entangled amongst others, after being quickly shoved in your pocket before you left the house.


Ease of refilling

Similarly, it should be easy to refill your dispenser when you’ve run out of bags too, for example by using a screw-top design.


The game-changing hook

Some dispensers have a hook attached to them, to cleverly carry your used poop bags on until you reach a bin to dispose of them in. Again, not essential, but it sure is nicer than carrying the bag in your other hand.



Some poop bag dispensers may be designed to only fit one type of poop bag, so it’s best to check that your chosen one will allow any standard fit roll to be used. This is at the bottom of the feature list for a reason, as this will only be a problem if you're associated and/or usual poop bags are out of stock.

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