Clothing and shoes


Clothing and shoes are two must-haves for any female, human or canine. Fashion is fun, and dogs can now be part of this exciting world. If you’re looking to keep your Instagram feed fresh or turn heads in the dog park, we have the gear for you!


There are practical benefits to clothing as well as looking fabulous, so even if your dog prefers to blend in rather than stand out, there are a few key items we would suggest for their pet wardrobe.




On average, the UK has around 17 rain days per month. That is a lot of rain! Keeping your pet dry on a walk with a good quality raincoat has many benefits. When your dog gets wet, they also get cold and start to shiver, making the walk less fun for them. When using a raincoat you can keep the rain and chill off their backs and see a happier dog out for walks in all weathers.


Winter can be cold, and using a dog jacket or dog fleece, especially for smaller dogs who are closer to the ground and feel the cold more will be much appreciated by your dog.


It’s important to clean dog coats and dog jackets regularly, so having more than one is a good idea as a backup. Dogs can overheat in a coat so having lightweight options such as a jacket or jumper to dress for the season will be helpful.




Is there such a thing as too many shoes? Who knows! Shoes or boots for dogs are very practical. In winter they protect your dog from the cold and wet, and in summer protect their delicate pads from burning on the hot concrete.


Shoes are very beneficial if your dog suffers from allergies, particularly grass allergies. Boots offer a protective layer against the grass and help to reduce allergy flare-ups.


Dog’s pads, whilst they may look thick and tough can wear down and create sores if you do a lot of exercise in a short period of time. Owners who enjoy taking their dogs on long-distance jogs or runs should consider boots to protect their dog’s paw pads when running or jogging long distances.


Protective clothing


Some dogs hate wearing the cone of shame, so thin lightweight clothing such as a bodysuit or t-shirt can help protect against licking or chewing after surgery and is much less stressful than wearing an Elizabethan collar.


There are lightweight protective suits that can protect your dog against the rays of the sun, dogs who burn easily or have skin cancers find these suits very useful to still be able to enjoy the good weather with their families. These protective suits can be used for dogs with skin allergies, as it reduces contact with the allergens and your dog’s skin. Yes, they will look a little unique when out for a walk, but we think this is something to be celebrated and is a conversation starter for sure!


Fancy dress


Going to a doggy daycare event or puppy birthday party? Don’t forget your outfit! Fancy dress for dogs is huge right now. Look for a dog-specific costume as they have been designed to be comfortable for a dog to wear. You will be amazed at the range of costumes available! 


Stylish yet functional


As you can see the range of clothing and shoes available to us as dog owners is vast, but there are some core items that can give good protection to our pets. Dog coats and shoes come in multiple sizes to fit your dog’s specific needs, always look for the right size for your dog. Ill-fitting dog coats can rub or irritate your dog’s sensitive skin, creating hair loss and sores.

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