Travel Cups and Bowls


Going on a long walk with your dog is exciting and gives you both plenty of exercise. It is the perfect opportunity to explore the great outdoors, but on warmer days and during longer hikes, your dog will become thirsty. It is very important to keep them hydrated, but let’s face it, it is a total nuisance to carry a big dog bowl around. It is not a good idea to let your dog drink from standing water, such as puddles, rivers or lakes, as they harbour pathogens and parasites which can cause illness in your furry friend. Thankfully, there are plenty of collapsible, transportable dog bowls on the market, so you will never have to worry about being able to give your dog water as and when they need it on your adventures together.


Choosing the right water bowl


As you embark on your journey to find the most suitable travel bowl for your dog, there are a few things we recommend you consider.




Most collapsible dog bowls you will come across will be made from a soft plastic or silicone, which is beneficial because this will make them lightweight, so easy to carry, and easy to clean. In addition, always be sure to check the bowl is made from food-grade material, is mould resistant and has no chemicals such as BPA or lead.


Easy to clean


Luckily, a lot of dog travel bowls are dishwasher safe, so you can be sure the bowl will get a deep clean after each use. If you plan on handwashing your collapsible travel bowl, it would be ideal to select one that doesn’t have many crevices, to make cleaning it easier and so it is less likely to have germs left lingering.


Size and style


Ensure the size of the travel bowl is suitable for your dog. It goes without saying, the bigger the dog, the bigger the bowl is required to be. However, the bowl still needs to be small enough once collapsed to carry.


If your dog is a brachycephalic breed, (i.e. has a short nose, and more of a flat face) such as Pugs, British Bulldogs and French Bulldogs, they will be more suited to a shallower, wider travel bowl.


How it is carried


A lot of dog travel bowls will have a carabiner attachment so it is easily hooked onto your dog's lead or on your belt or backpack. Otherwise, it is even more important to consider size, so you can ensure it easily fits into your bag, or some can be so small when collapsed that they fit right into your pocket!




Because travel bowls for dogs are often made from lightweight materials, this can result in them being easily knocked over whilst your dog is having a drink, especially if they drink quickly or excitably! Some portable dog bowls have a stable base, so it can stand better and withstand your dog rehydrating without spilling any vital water!


Dog travel bowls can come in handy for a variety of purposes, including hiking, long car rides, camping trips and a morning jog. This is another thing to keep in mind when choosing the best dog travel bowl for you and your dog. Regardless, a portable dog travel bowl is a must-have. Although they are more useful in the summer months (but please don’t walk your dog when it is too hot!), they have a place all year round so will be a worthwhile investment.


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