Cleaning Supplies


While we adore our furry companions, we don’t always enjoy the dirt, odours, and messes they leave in our homes. If you have a pet or are considering adding a new dog to your family, collect the essential cleaning supplies from First Vet to keep your domain smelling fresh, feeling clean, and sanitised. 


Dog-Friendly Cleaning Supplies


There are many products on the market, and it can be confusing to determine what you need and what is best for your pet. Look for cleaners that are pet-friendly, pet-safe, or non-toxic as these have been tested and are guaranteed not to cause problems for your pet when exposed. 


Additionally, there are chemicals and ingredients that should be avoided when searching for the right pet product such as those with strong or harsh aromas and cleansers with bleach, ammonia, chlorine, alcohol, formaldehyde, and ethylene glycol. These can cause serious and potentially fatal side effects. You should also be aware of products containing essential oils or natural substances as these can be toxic and have serious consequences as well if inhaled or ingested by your pet. For example, tea tree oil, even in small amounts, can cause severe neurologic conditions and even death shortly after exposure. 


Although pet-friendly products are tested and include pet-safe ingredients, always practise caution. Keep all cleaning products locked and out of your pet’s reach. Ingesting these chemicals can cause serious gastrointestinal or even neurologic problems. Use proper ventilation and follow directions. Some cleansers need a certain drying time until your pet can come into the treated area.  

Pet Cleaning Essentials:


Stain Removers


We all know that dogs love dirt and often soil our carpets and furniture. Sometimes they may get sick and leave vomit or other mess on clothing, or fabrics. Stain removers are wonderful to have on hand for these exact incidents. There are many formulations including sprays, foaming agents, and powders that work on clothes, furniture, and carpeting. 


Odour Eliminator


Even the cleanest of pets may occasionally have an unpleasant smell. Belching, flatulence, and wet dog can leave us gasping for breath. Fortunately, there are lovely products to help combat this malodour. Many sprays, plug-ins, and even candles specifically for pet odour are available in almost any scent to please your nose. 


Upholstery Cleaner 


Not all stain removers work well on furniture or are appropriate for use on sofas, chairs, and ottomans. Thankfully, there are products that specifically work on pet stains while not ruining your living room set. 


Enzymatic Cleanser


Although you may have the most perfectly trained and housebroken dog, accidents still happen whether for behavioural or medical issues. Urine is one of the toughest and most pungent fluids to clean and eliminate odour. Enzymatic cleansers are best for this tough task. The enzymes in the product break up or eat the smelly compounds within urine while not staining or fading fabric material. Since the acid in urine does not dissolve in water, a water-based cleaning solution will not get rid of the smell making an enzymatic cleaner a must for your household cleaning supply. 




Disinfectants kill common microbes like viruses and bacteria. If anyone in your family has medical issues, is very young, or is elderly, disinfectants are a great choice to reduce germs in your home. 


Surface and Floor Cleaner


With pets around, no other part of your home will get dirtier than your floor. Muddy paws and fur balls will be almost a daily occurrence. Having a cleaner that can be used on surfaces and floors daily is a necessity. 


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