Beds and Blankets


Dogs love to be active, but they also love to snuggle up and snooze away. You may notice that your pooch seems to spend a large amount of time sleeping – and you’d be right! Having a comfortable place to rest is really important for our canine friends. 


Do dogs really sleep all day?


Dogs spend around 12 hours each day asleep – perhaps more for puppies, large breed dogs and our senior pets! They also spend around 4-5 hours of the remaining day just ‘resting’ – chilling out on their beds watching the world go by. 


This isn’t laziness, sleep is important for dogs. It plays a large role in brain development, learning and memory, and is even necessary for a good immune system. A good sleeping pattern can therefore help your dog’s mood, their capacity to exercise and train and even help keep them healthy. 


How can I help my dog sleep?


We know that rest is important for our canine friends, so how do we support them? 


  1. Making sure they have adequate time for sleep is key, especially for puppies and senior dogs. Puppies are so playful it is easy to get carried away and forget that they need plenty of downtime.


  3. Provide a suitable area for sleep. Some dogs can snooze away happily amid the chaos of a busy kitchen, others need somewhere dark and calm. Making sure your dog has a suitable area in which they can rest undisturbed is necessary.


  5. Ensure comfort. Dogs love to be cosy, and providing beds and blankets for them to snooze on will help promote healthy sleep. 


Types of dog bed and blanket


It can be confusing to work out exactly what your options are when it comes to beds, so here is a handy guide to the best dog beds to help you decide exactly what you need.


  • Duvet/mattress beds – these are thick, flat, beds, often rectangular. They are comfortable and well-padded and are great for dogs who like to lie out flat.

  • Dog baskets – a traditional option, these are hard beds with sides. Good at protecting from draughts, and for dogs who like to curl up. They will need a good blanket as padding.

  • Dog basket bed / sided beds/snuggle beds – These are sided, like baskets, but are softer and thicker.

  • Dog sofa – these are a type of dog bed raised up from the floor. Many dogs like to be up near owners.

  • Dog igloo – these beds are enclosed with only a small opening. Excellent to keep warm and for nervous dogs, but they can get very hot in warmer temperatures.


  • Cool beds for dogs – these are mats that are designed to wick away body heat. They are excellent in warmer weather for dogs to lie on to rest and cool down.


  • Specialised beds – some beds are designed for specific needs, such as orthopaedic beds for arthritic oldies. 


How do I choose a bed?


Choosing a dog bed is very much about personal preference. There are some key points to remember.


  • Size: beds should be large enough for your dog to be able to lie on in a variety of positions, from curled up to stretched out. If you have a large dog, expect to need one of our giant dog beds!

  • Material – basket beds are hard, which is useful if you’re looking for an indestructible dog bed or one that is easily cleaned. Others are soft, for added comfort.

  • Cost – there is a large variety in the price of beds, which usually depends on size and material. Remember, your dog won’t mind if you’re looking at the cheap dog beds, as long as they have somewhere to snooze away.

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