Dogs are a part of the family, and so of course we want them to be happy and comfortable. Making sure your dog has everything they need in your home is important. Dogs like their comforts: beds, toys, bowls and more. We also need to live happily alongside our furry friends, with various practicalities such as cleaning supplies, dog gates and stairs. 


Sleeping: beds and blankets


We all love snuggling up or stretching out, and dogs are no exception. There are a multitude of dog beds and blankets available. The size and type will depend on your dog’s breed, age, habits, and personal preference. If you’re deciding between a traditional basket, a snuggly bed or even a dog sofa, read on here for more information and our great selection. 


Food and water bowls


Food and water are basic needs, and every dog will require food and water bowls. These come in different sizes, textures, and shapes. Some dogs will require certain needs when it comes to bowls, for example, spaniels with their long ears, large breeds prone to gastric dilation or greedy pooches who guzzle their food too quickly. If you’re not sure what might suit your pooch, see our shop for a whole range of options. 


Cleaning products 


We love dogs in all their shapes and sizes, but we cannot lie: they can make a mess! Puppies are especially prone to accidents, but it is worth being prepared whatever the age of your dog. Dogs can leave urine, faeces, hair, saliva and mud, all of which can be difficult to remove from floors, furnishings, and even walls. Using products designed specifically to remove doggy odours is recommended to ensure your home remains clean and fresh. In the FirstVet shop, we have products designed to combat whatever mess your dog makes!


Cooling pads and bandanas


Dogs can find the summer months hard, with their thick coats and lack of ability to sweat. Dogs rely mostly on panting to keep themselves cool, and only sweat a little through their paws. Heatstroke is a common problem in the summer and can be very dangerous. Keeping your dog cool is essential for both comfort and health. Cooling mats, pads and bandanas can all be helpful in reducing body temperatures. 


Dog gates


Dogs are wonderful, but they can be destructive and mischievous a difficult combination! It is difficult to supervise any dog all of the time, especially with the demands of modern-day working life. Dog gates are useful to keep your pooch contained wherever you need: into a room, an area, away from other pets, away from children, or whatever your individual needs are. There are gates to fit doorways, stairs and even to separate out a room. Check out the FirstVet shop for inspiration as to how you can keep your home convenient and safe for all. 


Stairs and ramps


Dogs are athletic, active, and nimble, but some dogs struggle with some physical aspects of our lives. Going up and down stairs, jumping into car boots, getting down into steep gardens… these can all be difficult for our canine companions, especially for those who are older or with mobility problems. Ramps and stairs can make life markedly easier for our precious pets. Small changes to our environment can make a huge difference to our dog’s quality of life.

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