Dog Bones


Dogs and bones have been linked in history for years, but recently these traditional treats have come under more scrutiny. Are bones good for dogs, or bad? What types of bones can you safely give your precious pooch? It can be a tricky subject, so we’re here to guide you. Read on for more information. 


Can I feed my dog real bones?


Real bones used to be popular with dog owners to treat their pets. However, there are some serious safety concerns. Bones can cause tooth fractures, intestinal blockages and other dangers. Many owners choose to avoid bones now entirely. If you do wish to feed animal bones, it is strongly recommended to avoid cooked bones, which often splinter into sharp pieces and cause damage internally. Pork and poultry bones are also dangerous for the same reason, and rib bones are very high in fat which can increase the risk of pancreatitis. 


What can I feed instead?


If you’re looking for a substitute for a real bone, which still provides chewing satisfaction, nutrition, and a good length of time to eat, there are still some excellent options! There are lots of synthetic dog bones or tasty dog chews to choose from, to keep your canine friend both healthy and happy. 


Digestible chews


Safe and easy, digestible chews are a convenient choice. Usually made from animal parts, they are not as long-lasting as harder chews, but they are a safe and tasty option. 


Dog dental chews 


There is varying support as to whether these chews are hugely beneficial for dental health, but the action of chewing on something moderately hard can certainly help oral hygiene. 


Non-edible chews


There are a selection of bones and chew toys that are not meant to be eaten but just encourage that important gnawing entertainment. Some can be stuffed with a soft treat to prolong the fun. Be careful of very hard bones, as these can cause tooth fractures, and if small parts break off they can cause intestinal obstruction. 




These chews are popular, but must only be given under supervision. As they are not easily digested, if large pieces are eaten they can cause obstruction in the intestines. 


What are the benefits of dog bones and chews?


These tasty snacks are popular with both dogs and their owners, but why are they so great? 


  1. Boredom – dogs would naturally spend a fair amount of time gnawing at their food, and modern dog foods don’t always replicate this. Providing a robust chew that will keep your dog occupied prevents frustration and boredom. Puppy chews can help keep young dogs out of mischief whilst your back is turned!
  2. Dental care – the best way to care for your dog’s teeth is by tooth-brushing and regular dental checks at your vet. However, dog dental chews can be a good way to maintain healthy clean teeth. There are a few different options for dental sticks for dogs, all best used alongside a good brushing routine.
  4. Jaw exercise and teething pain – regular exercise is good for dog jaws, which are designed to chew. Gnawing on a puppy chew can help relieve teething pain for puppies and (hopefully!) keep their attention away from less suitable things to chew on.
  6. Nutrition – dog bones and chews can provide nutrition as well as fun. They are rarely balanced, so they must be fed in moderation alongside suitable dog food


Choosing a chew or bone


There are various options out there, so how do you know which dog chew or dog bone to choose? Choosing the ideal bone or chew for your dog depends on their age, lifestyle and any health conditions. Young dogs will need puppy chews suitable for their growing bodies and teeth. Those who struggle with their weight, or have a sensitive stomach may benefit more from non-edible chew toys. Dogs will health concerns may benefit from a chew with a nutritional supplement. Your pooch may also have a preference as too flavour or texture, so you may need to try a few out.

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