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DNA Kits


Did you know, there are hundreds of recognised dog breeds worldwide? It’s crazy to think, right?!
Nowadays, it is common for two breeds to be mated to create a cross-breed dog, such as a Cockapoo, Labradoodle or Sprocker to name but a few. However, some dogs are a cross between multiple breeds and it is not always obvious which ones – this is when DNA kits can be handy! They have been around for around 10 years, but arguably have become more popular in recent years, with frequent appearances on social media.


What is DNA?


Like us humans, dogs all have their own, unique genetic code, their DNA, and this will remain the same throughout their entire life.


What is a DNA Kit?


A DNA Kit allows your dog's DNA to be identified, so you can gain an insight into their genetics. They are simple to use – take a swab from your dog's cheeks and send it off (just make sure you don’t feed them first). There are many on the market to choose from and some even offer you to have your dog's DNA cryogenically frozen for an added fee. This can be useful for proving legal ownership.


Why use a DNA Kit?


There are multiple reasons why you would use a DNA test kit.

Identifying your dog’s DNA can allow you to find out which breeds make up your furry friend! Whilst some traits of certain breeds can be obvious, others may come as a complete surprise. However, DNA kits are also useful for pedigree dogs and ultimately, provides the same benefits.

Having knowledge of their genetics and therefore their breed(s), if applicable, will help you understand any diseases they may be predisposed to, so you can take preventative steps to support their health. On a similar token, this can ensure you avoid breeding undesirable traits or inherited conditions.

Also, let’s not forget that it can be exciting to discover their ancestry and what beans make up their Heinz 57 self!

It isn’t compulsory to DNA test your dog, but it can be both useful and exciting, so we definitely suggest considering it!