Dry food for dogs

Dry food, or kibble, is a popular choice of dog food. Consisting of similar ingredients to wet food – usually a meat or other protein source alongside vegetables and added nutrients – it is pulverised into a dough, cooked, and then cut into kibble pieces. Dry food is commonly thought to be the best diet for dogs due to its convenience and lack of mess, but there are a large number of dry dog food brands to choose from, which can be confusing. Should you pick Royal Canin or Iams? Is Harringtons dog food better than Chappie dog food, or should you opt for Burns or Bakers? We’ve got all the information you need to decide which brand of dog food to buy, and don’t forget buying dog food online at FirstVet gives you fast shipping and a 30 day return policy if you change your mind!



Is dry food enough for my dog?

Dry food is perfectly suitable to be fed as a sole diet for your dog, as long as it is labelled as a complete diet. This means the food contains all the nutrients that your dog needs, in a balanced proportion, including their protein, carbohydrate, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Ensuring that you choose a complete diet, rather than one labelled as a ‘filler’ or ‘mixer’ or ‘complementary’ is the first step to optimal nutrition for your pet. 



What type of dry food does my dog need?

Your dog’s energy requirements will vary throughout their life. Puppies need high levels of protein and energy to fuel their rapid growth, unlike older dogs. Once your dog is more senior, they will benefit from easily digestible food with a high-quality protein source in order to maintain their body condition. Choosing a food suitable for your dog’s age is really important, especially if you’re looking for a puppy food.


Another consideration is your dog’s level of activity. Working dogs or those who do agility or similar will need a food rich in accessible energy sources, compared to a pooch who prefers to sleep in the warm for most of the day. Choosing a diet that was designed for your dog’s activity level can help to prevent obesity and other issues associated with overfeeding. 


The benefits of dry dog food

Why choose a dry diet for your dog? There are some advantages to going with a kibble diet. Dry dog foods are easy to store, simple to feed, and have a long shelf life. This makes them convenient and easy to use, as well as a cost-effective option. A dry diet can be portioned out and left out all day without spoiling, which is particularly useful if your dog prefers to graze rather than eat one or two larger meals. 


Kibble pieces can be associated with better dental health in dogs – the rough food pieces encourage thorough chewing which can help prevent the build-up of plaque, and improve gum health. 


Dry dog food can also be used in puzzle feeders, which are excellent ways to reduce boredom and frustration leading to poor behaviours. Kibble can also be used in feeders designed to slow eating for those pets who have a tendency to bolt their food. 


If your dog has a particular health condition, there’s likely to be a dry dog food to suit them. Whether you need a hypoallergenic dog food, or something for sensitive stomachs like a digestive care food, you can find a dry dog food to suit.



Can I feed my dog both wet and dry food?

There are benefits to both types of diet, so it can make sense to feed a mixture of both. It is important to make sure that both diets are suitable for your dog’s age and lifestyle. It is also very easy to feed the wrong quantity of food overall when mixing different diets, so a careful calculation to get the right quantities is essential. 



Why is there such a price difference between dog food brands?

There is quite a range of prices per bag of dry kibble. Generally, the price depends on the quality and quantity of the meat or protein source making up the bulk of the diet.

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