Outdoor exploration and GPS trackers in cats


Sometimes it can be hard to know if the outside world is a safe space for your cat. Not all cats enjoy going outside, and for those cats who really need the extra exercise, it can be tricky to persuade them otherwise! 

To safely explore the outside world, you need the right gear. Check out the FirstVet shop to see the array of top-quality products available to help with this challenge. We have 1-3 weekday delivery, free shipping over £39 and a 30-day return policy on all outdoor equipment for your cat.


Benefits of being outside for your cat


Going outside lets your cat see lots of different environments, people, and other animals. They can experience the weather changes, and soak up all the smells. This is one of the most sensorily enriching experiences for your cat and will increase their quality and enjoyment of life. It also offers the perfect opportunity for you to bond with your cat and watch them enjoy their adventures outside. Some people can even take their cat on holiday or travelling when the cat gets used to being on a harness and lead! 

Exercise outdoors also benefits your cat’s health. It helps keep their weight in a healthy range, is good for cardiovascular health and strengthens their muscles. It releases happy hormones which is a natural mood booster.


Do you walk your cat?


Just like dogs, cats can be trained to walk with a lead and collar, or a harness and lead. This is particularly good for indoor-only cats who are not allowed outside without human supervision. A lead walk can let your cat explore the outside whilst you are there to help if they get stuck or scared. Cats will learn to love walk time! Use treats or clicker training to train your cat to wear a harness and go for a walk. It can take a little while, but once they understand the process and the reward on offer, it will soon become a breeze!


Outdoor secure spaces 

Another option for cat owners who don’t have time to take their cat for a walk is a Catio or secure outside area that your cat can play and run around in without escaping and risking an injury. You will need a cat door between the outside and inside of the home, and make sure it has a lockable feature so you can keep them inside at night. Microchip cat doors have the added benefit of only working for your cat, so no unwanted guests can sneak into the home. 

If your cat is going outside at all, they need a collar with an ID tag, and ideally a way to be seen in the dark. This can be a reflective strip or a safety light. Safety lights can be flashing or non-flashing and turned off when your cat is in the home. 


GPS trackers for your cat


If your kitten or cat has recently started going outside and you wonder where they go and what they get up to, a GPS tracker can share all their secrets! It is fascinating to see just how far a cat can travel in one day. You can also learn if your cat is secretly nipping down the street to a neighbour’s house for extra snacks or a playdate. 

GPS trackers for cats are incredibly lightweight and small and are similar to the ID tags they usually wear on their collars. Most cats don’t notice the tracker on their collar after the first day. It’s a good idea to keep your cat indoors for the first 24 hours whilst wearing the GPS tracker so they can get used to the feel of it before letting them back outside. This reduces the chances of accidental removal. 

If you feel inspired to get your cat outside to explore nature, visit the FirstVet shop to stock up on essentials. We have a 1-3 weekday delivery time, free shipping on orders over £39 and a 30-day return policy on outdoor cat items. 


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