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We understand that a house is not a home without a cat. They are cheeky, loving, playful…and messy! As cat parents, we know the work involved with cleaning up after your favourite feline. From the trail of hair and litter to the dreaded toilet accident, we have got the solutions to help keep your kitty in their litter box, and your house smelling fresh and clean.


What type of cleaning supplies do I need? 

Little accidents are a part of life but with the right cleaning supplies you can mop up the mess and get on with your day. Cat repellent, or deterrent sprays, will help keep kitty away from areas that you don’t like them to sit, scratch, or toilet. Some products, like Urine Off, will help to neutralise oder, block pheromones, as well as prevent your cat from soiling in the area again.


If your kitty is the king of the palace and lives mostly indoors it doesn’t take long for dander, hair, and dust to collect, triggering allergies in many people. Allergen neutralising dust sprays can help to reduce the burden of allergens in your home and help you and your cat breathe easy. 


Help! My cat urinated on the carpet!  

We understand the despair that can come when you find that your feline friend has urinated outside of the litter box. Whether on your duvet, the carpet, or your favourite chair, it seems no matter how hard you soak and scrub, that smell just lingers!


Inappropriate urination is a common complaint and can happen for many reasons such as stress, conflict, or communication. There are also medical reasons that your cat might start missing the litter box, and it is always best to rule out any health issues first, by seeing your veterinarian.


If your cat is happy and healthy but still has a penchant for your bathmat, read on to learn how cat repellent sprays can help manage life’s little accidents.  


Can cat repellent spray get rid of cat urine smell?

It is no secret that the smell of cat urine is quite offensive. Cat kidneys are very efficient at absorbing water and producing highly concentrated, very smelly urine! To make matters worse, as the urine decomposes ammonia is formed, which gives the wee its characteristic smell. Over time this smell will worsen, rather than fade, meaning a quick and efficient clean-up is key.


Regular cleaning products, soaking, or heat treatments can lock the smell into the fibres, making it permanent, so it is important to select specialised cat deterrent sprays to remove stains and odors quickly. Enzymatic cleaners, such as Urine Off, are needed to break down the stinky compounds in cat urine and help lift them from the fibres, helping to eliminate persistent odors. 


Will cat repellent spray prevent my cat from returning to the same spot?

Have you ever wondered why your cat will return to wee in the same spot again and again? Cat urine contains pheromones that are used to send messages. With their excellent sense of smell, cats can pick up these messages deep within carpet or upholstery fibres, even after a good scrub. This lingering scent encourages them to return to the scene of the crime, long after the original incident. This is where a cat repellent spray can save the day, deterring your cat from repeat offences and encouraging them back to the litter tray when it’s time for business.   


Are cat sprays harmful to my pet?

Cat repellent and dust sprays that are specially formulated for cats will be mild and safe to use around pets and people. Always use as directed, and never apply directly to your pet, their bowls, or litter trays.

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