Beds and Igloos

There are ‘five pillars of a healthy feline environment’, the first of which is providing our feline friends with a safe place. In addition to the fact that cats sleep for around 16 hours per day, providing a cosy cat bed is super important.


Choosing the perfect cat bed

There’s nowhere better to sleep than your own bed, is there? Whilst cats typically like to snooze wherever they find comfortable, they too are grateful for their own bed, which should address the below factors.



We’re sure you can often find your cat lying near a radiator or sunbathing in summer. It’s safe to say, they enjoy being warm! Lots of cats enjoy snoozing on a radiator bed, but some cats prefer something a bit less exposed (which we will chat about shortly). In such cases, blankets for cats are really useful as they come in all sorts of cosy fabrics. There are pet-safe heat mats on the market too, which can be put in their bed during the winter months to keep them warm. If using these, make sure they’re used under a blanket or cushion to avoid burns.



Privacy is super important for cats, especially as they feel vulnerable when they’re sleeping. Therefore, being able to hide away will mean they feel much less stressed overall which in turn can help to reduce the risk of stress-induced illnesses. This being said, there will naturally be an entrance/exit to an enclosed bed, which will also pose as the imperative look-out spot they so cherish. Having a clear view of their surroundings means they can spot any possible dangers whilst keeping themselves protected and hidden. Igloos, cat caves, cat teepees and cat baskets are great for this.



Cats are renowned for being able to squeeze and morph themselves into all sorts of spaces – “if I fits, I sits!”. Despite this, they still need a large enough bed to be able to turn around so they can get as comfortable as possible and know exactly how to get in and out of their bed in case they ever feel threatened by something.


Cats go high to feel safe, as it allows them to have their own watchtower to scan for dangers, but also to be able to practice their natural desire to hunt by scanning for prey. So, although dependent on size and space, if you are able to position your cat’s bed higher up, this will be very appealing to them. Older cats may struggle to jump up if their bed is too high, so their bed will need to be on the ground in a safe place, or only slightly raised with easy access.



Comfort is key. A soft, cushioned bed is ideal, which most cat or kitten beds and igloos are, but if you’re set on a teepee or cat basket instead, this can easily be achieved with a fleecy blanket or separate cushion. You can also include an item of clothing which smells like you, or your cat, in their new bed which will encourage them to use it.


Easy to Clean

It’s best to have a couple of beds in your house that your cat is happy to use, so if you need to clean one, they still have another available for a good nap. The material should either be washable or able to be cleaned with pet-safe cleaning products, so it’s easy to rid their bed of any bacteria or parasites. On another note, the material should also be durable.


Your cat will thank you for providing them with a few cosy places to relax and sleep and we hope you now feel equipped to choose your cat or kitten some dreamy beds!

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