Our cats are a part of our family, so of course, we want them to be happy and comfortable in our homes. Making sure your cat has everything they need to thrive is a part of good cat ownership. Cats are creatures of comfort: they love their beds, blankets, toys, and home comforts. As owners, we also need to live alongside our cats happily and practically, which may require certain things to make our lives easier, such as cleaning products and scratch posts. 


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Litter boxes


Cats are generally clean and fastidious creatures. They can also be very fussy! Providing them with their preferred litter and litter tray can lead to a much easier life for everyone. Litter trays are essential for indoor cats and those with limited outdoor access and can be useful even if your cat is free-roaming. It is recommended to have at least as many litter trays as the number of cats you have so that they all have access to a clean tray. If you’re confused about all the options for types of litter boxes, read here for more information. 

Bowls and water fountains


Food and water are basic needs and must be provided for. Every cat will require food and water bowls. Bowls come in different sizes, materials, and shapes, and again, our picky feline friends may well have a definite preference. If you have multiple cats, it is recommended to have multiple food and water sources, in different areas of the house, so that all cats have equal access.  

Beds and Igloos


Cats love to sleep! They can snooze away for up to 20 hours every 24 (yes, actually that much!) and so comfortable resting places are a must. Some cats like to hide away in igloo beds or up in high places, others like to seek out the warmest spot, or a resting place with an excellent view. Whatever your cat needs or wants to sleep in or on, making sure your cat gets adequate rest is important for both their behaviour and also their health. It is recommended to have a variety of safe sleep spots around your house for your feline friends. Read more about sleep in cats here.

Scratching trees


Cats have an innate need to scratch – not only to sharpen their claws but also to use the pheromone scent markers released from their paws as they do so. This means that although our domestic felines may no longer need those pointy claws well sharpened and honed to catch prey, they will still scratch. If not provided with a suitable scratch post, your furniture, carpets and even curtains may well suffer. There are different sizes and types of scratching trees available, depending on what type of scratcher your cat is!

Cleaning supplies


Cleaning a home with a resident cat, or perhaps multiple cats is sadly not quite as simple as cleaning a pet-free home. Various stains and odours may need specialised cleaning products to be removed, and it is always worth being prepared. Various chemical and enzymatic cleaners are better prepared to remove biological stains and investing in a pet cleaner is worth considering. 

Is your home as cat-friendly as it can be? Are you prepared with everything you need to keep your cat comfortable and happy in their forever home? If you’re looking for some feline-friendly home accessories, go to the FirstVet shop and browse our cat range. Remember, buying through us gives you 1-3 day weekday delivery, free delivery over £39 and our 30-day return policy!

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