Cat Treats


Cat treats are an essential item for every cat owner’s home. There is no quicker way to make friends with a cat than with a bag of cat treats. Every cat will have their favourite brand and will do almost anything to get their paws on a tasty treat. 

Knowing which cat treats to choose can sometimes be difficult given the wide range available but fear not, we are here to help! 


The FirstVet shop has a wide range of cat treats and you can take advantage of our 1-3 day weekday delivery, free shipping over £39, and free returns. 


What are the benefits of feeding cat treats? 


  • Cat treats offer us as owners a special moment to bond with our cats. If your cat is particularly shy or timid it can be a great moment to get close to them to check that they are physically well.

  • Cat treats are perfect for training cats and kittens. Whilst you may think that only dogs can learn tricks, you’d be surprised how easy it is to train your feline friend. Teaching an indoor cat to walk on a harness can open a whole new world of safe exploration and treats can help with this. 

  • Healthy cat treats like dental treats can reduce plaque build-up on teeth, promoting good gum health and keeping teeth healthier for longer. 

  • Giving medications. Have you ever tried to get a tablet into a cat? It can often be a struggle. Using pill pockets for cats can be a total game-changer and reduce stress in people and cats alike! 

  • Distraction tool. Trimming your cat’s nails or brushing out a knot can be hard work if they don’t want to sit still. Using a liquid treat can distract them long enough for you to be able to tend to their grooming needs. 

  • Enrichment. Cats love to use their brains and are very smart. Games such as Find the Treat or using puzzle toys can keep them entertained and physically active during the day. 


What is the best cat treat? 


The best cat treat is often a personal choice and depends a lot on your cat’s palate. When you do find “the one” you’ll know it, your cat will follow you anywhere for those tasty treats! Some of our favourite cat treats are: 

  • Greenies Salmon or chicken flavour dental treats 

  • Royal Canin pill assist to disguise medications as tasty treats. 

  • For paste treats, consider Arden Grange liver paste, free from artificial flavours and preservatives. Cats absolutely love the smell and taste!


What are the best kitten treats?


It’s important for kittens to experience a range of foods, flavours, and consistencies. It’s been shown that kittens who are exposed to more flavours and food types when young are more likely to accept differing flavours and foods when older. This is important when your cat ages and needs supplements or prescription diets to help keep them healthy. 

Use a variety of textures and treats, mixing the treats up will also help keep your kitten interested in the training or game you are working on at the time. 


Are there any risks with feeding cat treats?


Cat treats bought from online pet stores are safe to feed to your cats. Be careful with home-cooked treats as some ingredients we use for human cooking such as garlic or onion can be toxic to cats. By using store-bought, you know your cat is getting a safe treat.

If you feed a lot of cat treats, there is the potential for your cat to gain extra weight, even if they are doing more exercise or moving around more with their new games. If you are using treats regularly, simply reduce their main food portions to allow for the same amount of calories to be eaten overall. If you are concerned about getting the balance right, talk to one of our online vets who can help with these calculations for you. 

Now that you are the expert in cat treats, check out our great online selection at the FirstVet shop and take advantage of our 1-3 day weekday delivery, free shipping over £39, and free returns. 


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