Benefits of Cat Grass and Cat Treats


Cats get bored easily


The life of a cat is changing, and with more and more cats living an indoor-only lifestyle it’s important for us to be able to give them as fulfilling lives as we can. Enrichment activities help our cats to display their natural behaviours through play or by using their brains to solve puzzles. Two great examples of enrichment activities are cat grass and cat treats.


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Tips for enriching a cat’s life 


As a human, you are often the ultimate enrichment for your cat as nothing can beat quality time with you. However, there are times when you are not around, and other options to keep your cat busy during the day are needed. Bright toys, puzzles, or games are a great time filler. Use variety to keep their games interesting and if using puzzle feeders or toys bring a different one out each week so they never get bored of the same activity.

Cats benefit from using all their senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. Two examples that appeal to lots of senses include: 


Cat Grass


Cats enjoy nibbling on grass, but not all plant material is safe for cats. Cat grass offers a safe option as it is a mix of safe grass varieties for cats, often rye or alfalfa. You can purchase cat grass and rest safe in the knowledge it’s not going to harm your cat. Cat grass can be bought as seeds or as grown bowls of grass. Cat grass is different from catnip, so will not have the same stimulating properties when sniffed or eaten. 

Growing cat grass from seeds can be rewarding for you as an owner and helps your cat get used to this new object in the home before they learn it's edible.

Cat grass provides texture and a unique flavour for cats, and they often enjoy a little nibble on the grass from time to time. Whilst not all cats will eat cat grass, it’s a safe, interesting feature to add to their lives in the hope that they may enjoy it. 

For indoor-only cats, it may be their only exposure to safe plant material so it is beneficial for their emotional wellbeing and activates many of the senses at one time.


Cat Treats


There are a whole range of cat treats, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to know which is the best to buy.


Cat treats are great for puzzle toys as they are considered extra tasty by cats, so they will work that little bit harder to get their paws on them. You can put your cat treats into food toys, snuffle mats, or puzzle feeders to keep them entertained whilst you are at work or running errands. 

You can also teach your cat tricks! It’s not just dogs who can learn to sit, jump or fetch their toys. Cats can do this too, and you’ll need their favourite treat to help you train them in these skills. 

Cat treats can be used to hide medication, and we all know how tricky it can be to persuade your cat to take a tablet! Hiding medication in soft cat chews can be a game changer for your household. 

You may think that your cat can’t have cat treats due to the risks of putting on lots of weight, but did you know that some treats are beneficial to cats, such as dental treats? Simply reduce their regular food portion to allow for the extra calories. Certain dental treats have been proven to be beneficial in protecting the dental health of your cat. 


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