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Cats are intelligent, curious animals, and benefit from mental as well as physical exercise. Cats are designed to spend time stalking, chasing, and catching prey, and their modern domestic lifestyle doesn’t always allow for this. Boredom and frustration can lead to aggressive and destructive behaviours, so it is well worth investing in some enrichment toys. Read on for more information about interactive games.


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What are interactive cat toys and games?


Interactive cat toys are designed to keep your cat occupied both mentally and physically, providing them with both exercise and stimulation. There are some different types, so understanding the options available will help you choose which toy will best suit your pet. 


Puzzle feeders

There are various food puzzles and treat balls that can keep your cat focused and entertained for hours. These are excellent toys for those cats who are very food-focused, as they will be highly motivated to gain the food, whilst also having to work harder for their food.


Active toys and ball toys

There are some wonderful toys on the market that appeal to cats’ natural instincts to play: balls to chase, mobile toys, sensory toys, and more. Brands such as Catit combine different textures, movements, sounds, and smells to appeal to keep your cat active and engaged.


Interactive games

Playing with your cat can be very rewarding. Using stimulating toys helps to engage your cat’s brain and all their senses, as well as being a positive experience for you both. Consider the fishing rod-type toys or a laser pointer for cats and get playing! 


Why are enrichment toys important?


Play is essential in kittens, as it provides an important role in developing maturity, social skills, and physical activity. In adult cats, play is a pleasant activity, prevents boredom, and keeps both mind and body active. Boredom can be a problem for domestic cats who no longer need to stalk and hunt for their food, and indoor cats especially can become frustrated and inactive. Some cats have a high play drive, and if this need is not met with suitable toys, they may choose unsuitable alternatives to vent their playful natures on, such as human fingers and feet, clothing, or car keys! 


Interactive toys can prevent boredom, increase activity, and encourage weight loss.


Toy safety


Play is fun, and should remain fun! Getting involved in your cat’s play is beneficial for both you and your pet, but there are some safety considerations to bear in mind.

  • Toys should be checked regularly to make sure there are no loose pieces that could come apart and be accidentally swallowed or choked on.

  • Toys should be of suitable size (especially balls, which can be a choking hazard) and robust enough for the type of play that your cat enjoys.

  • Catnip can incite excitement and aggression in a small proportion of cats.

  • Some cats can become very hyper-stimulated with certain toys. Cat laser pointers can get cats very excited but with no ‘end-point’ of prey to catch, so having a calmer toy available to end a play session with (such as a soft toy) is advisable.


How many cat toys do I need?


If you’re frantically searching for ‘interactive cat toys uk’ or struggling to know how much Catit puzzle you need, don’t worry. You don’t need a whole house full of toys. If your cat is an indoor cat, has a high play drive, or is struggling with boredom, you may need more than someone with an outdoor cat or a cozy cuddles who sleeps the day away. Try and have enough toys that you can play with regularly when your cat shows interest, and be able to rotate toys so that they don’t get bored. 

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