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Cat toys! Cats love them, we love to see our cats and kittens play! Exercising your cat’s body and mind with appropriate toys provides them with fun, stimulation, and entertainment. There are lots of options out there, and it can be tricky to know which might be the best cat toys to get for your feline friend. Read on for more information about cat toys and kitten toys. 

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Why are cat toys so great?


Why do cats need to play? There are so many benefits to having some cat toys or kitten toys around, for both you and your pet. Here are some ways that toys can help enrich your cat’s life.

  • Bonding – playing with your cat is a wonderful way to strengthen your bond. Cats use play as an important form of social interaction and will enjoy time spend with toys together. Cat balls and electronic cat toys are good toys for this.

  • Enrichment – cats need mental as well as physical stimulation, especially if they do not have outdoor access. Cat toys for indoor cats can provide essential enrichment for their lives. Cat chew toys are a great example here.

  • Boredom busters – cats who get bored can easily get into mischief, and can easily learn to play with inappropriate things, like furniture, clothing – and your toes! Providing suitable toys keeps frustration at bay.

  • Pleasure – cats and kittens love to play, so providing toys will bring them joy.


Types of cat toys


The best cat toys are those that your cat plays with, enjoys using, and enriches their lives. But there are so many different types, how do you know what to choose? Do they need a cat soft toy, a catfish toy, an electronic toy, or something else entirely? Understanding the different types of toys can help you decide what your feline friend might enjoy the most.


Catnip toys

Most cats love catnip, and cat soft toys filled with catnip are usually very popular. Cats can kick them around, carry and bite at them, and rub them. Normal plush cat toys can also be sprayed with catnip spray. 


Active toys

Cats love to chase, hunt, pounce, and bite at toys. Cat balls, electronic cat toys which move like fishing rods with toys or feathers attached are all good to get your cat moving and mentally focused. These are also great for interactive play for improving that cat-owner bond.


Comfort toys

Cat soft toys can be much loved and carried around by some cats and kittens. It is often worth buying some plush cat toys if you’re looking for cat toys for indoor cats, especially if they are a single cat, as a comfort toy and companion. 


Puzzle toys

Cat puzzle feeders, treat balls, and cat chew toys are good for keeping cats occupied and stimulated.


Toy safety


We love to get our cats playing and occupied, but remember to keep things safe. 

  • Most cats love catnip, but it can make some cats overstimulated and aggressive, so try them out with a small catnip toy in a safe environment first

  • Check toys regularly for loose parts that could be swallowed or cause damage. If your cat loves to hunt and ‘kill’ toys, make sure they are robust enough to be clawed at and remove them if any stuffing is exposed, or loose parts start to fray.

  • Always use toys to play with your cat rather than clothing, fingers, or toes, so that your cat or kitten doesn’t get confused as to what is appropriate to play with. 

  • If your cat becomes overstimulated or aggressive, end the play session and leave your cat to calm down, perhaps with a comfort toy or chew toy. 

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