Cat skincare

Our sleek little cat companions are well known for their fastidious grooming regimes and for staying spotless despite having serious bath phobias. However, even the slinkiest of cats may need some help keeping their skin healthy and our online shop stocks a great range of cat skincare support from reliable brands, so you can be sure you and your kitty will be happy with the results.


The role of your cat’s skin 

Cat’s skin is designed to help them regulate temperature, stay hydrated and protect them from the elements. Supporting your cat's skin is important for their comfort and health, and because we know that cats prefer to look their best!


It is extremely important that your cat’s skin preparations are specifically designed and manufactured for cats as human or other pet products can be harmful. If your kitty has medical conditions or takes medications you must check with your veterinarian that the skincare is appropriate.


Why is skin care important? 

The skin is your cat’s largest organ so keeping it healthy is crucial to overall well-being. Dry, inflamed, and flea-affected skin can be uncomfortable and itchy which affects sleep, and mood, and can be prone to infection.


General grooming care  

Having a regular grooming session is a great way to bond more with your cat, get to know their normal state, and pick up health concerns early.


Check skin and coat weekly for parasites or changes


Groom coat once daily to once weekly depending on the type of coat


Check and, if needed, clean eyes, ears, and teeth at the same time


If you notice any changes in the appearance of your cat’s skin or coat, you should contact your veterinarian or book an appointment here for advice before you start any treatments or supplements.


Cat Flea allergy 

Cat flea allergy is very common due to the irritant saliva of fleas. Even the classiest cat can encounter a fleeting flea infestation. It’s important to eliminate fleas as quickly as possible to prevent them from becoming established indoors. The best way is by using a preventative prescription treatment. Signs of flea allergy are excessive grooming behaviour, red spotty rash, itching, nibbling, hair loss, especially over the back end and tail ), and live fleas seen in the coat or the house. Luckily prescription treatments get to work straight away and your vet can advise on making your cat’s skin more comfortable. You may need to use flea spray in your house 


Cat skin Allergy

Some of our more sensitive kitties may show signs of skin allergy to differing allergens and this can feel like a minefield to navigate! If you notice recurrent skin issues then it’s wise to pay a visit to your veterinarian to work out whether there is an environmental or food trigger that you can avoid. Stress can play a part in any skin or allergic reaction so if you have an emotional or generally sensitive cat, stress relief products such as PetComfort calming diffusers or Yucalm can help. While your veterinarian is investigating you can also try adding in skin support supplements for dry skin - see below.


Cat Dry skin 

Dry skin can blight even the glossiest furred kitties and can be due to weather or humidity changes, underlying diseases, recovery from illness, or flea allergy. If there are no other symptoms and your veterinarian has ruled out underlying causes, you can trial supplements. Salmon oil for cats is a great source of omega which improves dry, itchy skin, restores glossy coats, reduces inflammation, and helps with moulting.


When to see your veterinarian 

Book an appointment with your veterinarian if:


Large areas of your cat's skin are affected

Skin is broken, weeping, or has pus

Skin is red, hot, or painful

Flea treatments have not resolved skin issues 

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