Cat Pharmacy

Our cats are our companions. We want to make sure our feline friends are fit and thriving. 


Keeping our cats satisfied is our primary concern…our felines make sure of that! Getting day-to-day essentials sorted can prevent ill health. Plus, if our cats are unwell, we want the best products to help them recover!


Cat behaviour

From wanting a private place to poop to enjoying physical play - cats have complex needs.  


Sadly, stress is common in domestic kitties. Much of it can be helped by basic changes to the home environment - like introducing an enclosed litter box, a scratching post, or some fun toys.


Pheromone-based products can help stressed cats feel at ease. They release harmless, feel-good smells that cats can detect but we can’t. These come as plug-in diffusers, sprays, and collars. Our online vets can advise you on how best to use these products.   


Catnip and herbal remedies can also be relaxing. Collars and toys are popular ways to give your cat a chill-out treat.


Ear care

Cats’ ears are important. Cats love to play-hunt – their hearing is important for this - hence cats’ love of jingly or rustling toys! 


Many cats have healthy ears without any attention from us, so regular cleaning is unnecessary. But veterinarians might recommend regular cleaning or treatment. If so, ear-friendly products are essential as ear skin is fragile.


Eye Care

Cats’ eyes are beautiful and enchanting – some kitties need more care than others to keep them that way. Short-faced cats like Persians can require daily wiping to prevent tear stains and build-up of guck. 


Cats can have eye issues diagnosed by a vet, which may require lubricant drops or other eye-specific products.



Keeping your cat’s skin healthy and their coat glossy depends on everything from good nutrition, to regular grooming, to treating underlying medical conditions. 


Cats can suffer from various health issues that affect the skin and fur. Allergies and parasites (mainly fleas) are common., but sometimes things are more obscure – your cat may not be grooming them self properly due to pain from arthritis, for example. 


Speak to a vet if your cat has skin or coat problems. Our vets may recommend appropriate skin and coat products, or that you see your own vet for further tests and treatment. 


Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Cat’s get plaque and tartar just like we do. Brushing away food build-up is the best way to keep your moggie’s mouth in mint condition – but don’t use minty toothpaste!


Fleas, Ticks, and Worms

Cats pick up parasites easily. Fleas can even occur in cats that don’t go outside. Worms are common too and can cause health problems if they take hold. We have ticks in the UK that can spread several debilitating diseases.  


The best way to keep your cat parasite free is by routine preventative treatment – something that keeps the critters away and kills them if they do come close.


Wound Care

Finding a wound on your precious puss can be alarming.  Cats can develop quite nasty wounds from something simple like a bite during a scuffle. Wounds should always be discussed with a vet. They may require stitching or bandaging or may be best treated by cleaning and creams.

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