Dry Food for Cats

Dry food, also called kibble or biscuits, is a common choice of food for cats. It is made from
the same sort of ingredients as wet food (a protein source, alongside added vegetables and
nutrients), but it is then turned into a dough, cooked, and then cut down into pieces.
Suitable for grazers as it can be left down without spoiling, non-messy and convenient, it Is a
popular option.

There are plenty of brands, types, and flavours to choose from if you choose to feed dry. But
what is the best dry food for cats? Should you pick Purina over Iams? Reject Royal Canin for
Hills? Read on for more information to help you decide. If you choose to buy your dry cat
food online, FirstVet offers 1-3 day weekday delivery and free shipping over £39!


Is dry food enough for my cat?

Dry cat food is perfectly suitable to be fed as a single diet, so long as it is labelled as a
complete food. A complete diet is one that contains all the protein, fats, carbohydrates,
vitamins, and minerals that your cat needs, in the correct proportions. Food labelled as
‘complementary’, ‘filler’ or ‘mixer’ do not contain everything your cat needs, and should not
be fed as a sole diet.


What type of dry food does my cat need?

Which is the best dry cat food? One that suits your cat’s nutritional requirements for them
to thrive! Your cat will need different nutrients depending on their stage in life. Dry kitten
food has high levels of fats and protein for growth, whereas adult cat food is more aimed at
maintenance, and senior cat foods are different again. Choosing a food suitable for your
cat’s age is really important, especially for kittens.

There are some other factors to consider too. Cats are individuals with different needs and
habits. Is your cat an active outdoors hunter? Or do they prefer to snooze on the bed for
most of the day? Are they on the chunky side, or perhaps you worry they always seem too
slim? Do they have any health concerns? Answering these questions can help find a dry cat
food that is a perfect match for your cat, avoiding problems associated with a poor diet such
as obesity.


The benefits of dry food

Dry cat foods are popular in part because they are so convenient: easy to store, long shelf
life, and simple to measure and feed. Cats in the wild would naturally eat multiple small meals a day, and many domestic cats would prefer to graze, and dry food can be left down without spoiling.

Feeding a dry diet is linked to better dental health in cats. The rough dry pieces of food
encourage the cat to crunch and chew, which helps prevent plaque build-up and improves
gum health.

Dry cat food can be used in puzzle feeders and treat balls, which can be an excellent way to
provide mental and physical stimulation for our feline friends, especially if they are indoor
cats. These feeders can also be used to slow down eating in those cats who chow down on
their food and then regurgitate it back again.


Can I feed both wet and dry food?

It can make sense to feed a combination of wet and dry food, as there are benefits to both.
It is important to calculate the quantity of each food needed daily carefully though, as it can
be easy to overfeed when mixing diets. It is also important that both diets match your cat’s
age and lifestyle needs.


Why is there such a price difference between brands?

There is a confusing variation between prices per bag of dry cat food. Generally, the cheaper
brands use lower quality meat or protein source. This can mean that they have to be fed in
higher quantities, so may not work out as inexpensive as they appear.


Where can I buy dry cat food?

Now that you’ve decided on the best dry food for your cat, you just need to buy some!
There are still the options of traditional stores and pet shops, but did you know you can buy
dry cat food online? This is an easy and convenient option.
Remember, buying at FirstVet gives you a 1-3 day weekday delivery, free shipping over £39,
and a 30-day return policy!

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